Donna Archambault, CFO–fluidEDGE Consulting

I support Horizons because . . . I am passionate about education, and believe wholeheartedly that it is one of the most important keys to creating a better world. With education comes empowerment, and when people are empowered they have options. I support Horizons because I would like to see all children have access to this “key.”



Kate Goodall Gray, President–KRM Development

I support Horizons because . . . it is an amazing organization that gives underpriveleged students the opportunity to attend a summer enrichment program. The program is academic as well as fun, and it greatly improves the negative effects of “summer slide” (going backwards during the summer from what they have learned during the school year).  Horizon’s does WONDERFUL THINGS for the youth in our area!


Jackie Wilhelm, Principal–Church Hill Elementary School

I support Horizons because . . . As an elementary school principal whose students are served by the Horizons program, I have witnessed the impact the program makes on students academically. I have also seen first-hand the excitement that the program brings to the children. Our students look forward to returning year after year.